Tuesday 22 Jan 2019
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Let Sport Into Your Life (Lifestyle Therapy)

Susan Leigh is a long established Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.
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For many people the thought of exercise evokes images of going to the gym and slogging away on machines, pumping iron or attending aerobics classes. The fact is, there are many ways to enjoy keeping fit, and introducing a more sporty outlook can be a very beneficial and fun way to do so.

Sport is often a group activity. There may be teams or several people attending at the same time. Sport is about undertaking a game or activity for pleasure and sometimes there may be an element of competition attached.

Indoor sports include the racquet games, like badminton, squash, tennis. These games may well be simply played for the fun of playing, but often an added element is being part of a league or ladder, whereby people progress, playing the winners of each game until an overall winner emerges. Playing against people better than yourself is an important way of improving your game. It is the best way to improve technique, speed and agility.

Outdoor sports are often inclusive of a competitive element too. Tennis and golf are good outdoor sports. But the group sports like football, rugby, rounders, cricket, netball, played at either an amateur or professional level are a good way of getting many people involved.

Being involved in a team sport is important for more than just the exercise and levels of fitness demanded to stay on the team. It is true that to stay a member of a team each person is expected to turn up regularly for training and pay attention to their levels of fitness, diet, health and well being. By being a member of a team people rely on each other to turn up and do their best. There is a commitment made to each other and to the team.

When playing as part of a team, mutual respect and co-operation are required. Team sport is about the overall game of playing together, complementing each others skills. It is not about one individual player, so for example, learning to pass the ball and let someone else score a goal when they are better placed to do so, rather than keeping it for yourself is a lesson in seeing the bigger picture of playing the game together, of working together to achieve a result.

Other sports may be competitive in a more individual way. Archery, clay pigeon shooting, crown green bowling are all examples of sports played in a team but as individuals, each taking turns to play their own separate game, with the results then being collated to find each teams overall result.

Even when people are unable to play themselves they can still maintain an interest in sport. Being a spectator is good for the players as well as the crowd. Having enthusiastic spectators encourages a team on to greater levels of effort. A good crowd can motivate a team to perform better.

Coaching and fundraising are useful activities that support sporting groups. Amateur groups rely on donations to fund kit, transport expenses, fees. Backroom efforts in fundraising can help a team continue to exist, and in some areas that is a lifeline to the young people. Providing them with regular activity and positive life skills in a sporting setting.

For further information: Let Sport Into Your Life

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